Welcome to the homepage of the International Stonehealing Symposium 2009

Freiburg, Germany – South West will be the “Cosmopolitan City of the Stone Healing” for 3 days.

„Healing with stones“ is as old as the history of mankind. It is the treasure of our earth and even the stone healing has newly arisen in the last 20 years.

Stones are shining, stones are sounding, stones are fascinating and they are joining people.

This international congress offers you round about 120 unique presentations in 3 days with more than 60 stone healing referees and artists out of 15 different nations.

Stonehenge - England Ayers Rock - Australien  Belchen - Deutschland
All people, which are interested personally and professionally in the fascination and healing power of gem stones and crystals are invited to the stone healing symposium. The layperson without previous knowledge as well as therapists, healers, medicines and people from the world of wellness and beauty, cosmetic and service are welcome.
You may listen to internationals experts and artists at presentations on the evenings.

The opening and final event – the „Stone Healing Come Together and the various crystal performances and sound concerts will take place in the major tent of the event.

The stone healing symposium 2009 is a unique event probably for the next years. Never before so many competent people from almost all continents have come together and never before such a spectrum of stone healing knowledge has been offered in a unique symposium.

Crystall Harmony Zelt
Das Veranstaltungsgelände am Seepark in Freiburg Das Veranstaltungsgelände am Seepark in Freiburg
The area of the symposium at the Sea park in Freiburg

With their ticket the participants of the symposium will have free access to all booked single presentations, to all 4 evening events, to the bourse of minerals and to the social program.


The bourse of minerals as well as the social program - with artists and Tibetan healing mandalas out of gem stones are accessible with a separate exhibit ticket for external visitors from 9 am to 5 pm.
These tickets can only be purchase on the area of the symposium.

May all our participants enjoy a lot of inspiration,
vitality and exchange on this stone healing highlight at the “lake park” in May 2009!

Cordially Welcome! Joachim Goebel - Crystall-Spirit GmbH and team
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